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A multi-lingual society that is Singapore I like

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Best wishes

To express our hope for someone’s happiness and success, we say “I give/send my best wishes to you”. According to the, best in this case means “one’s warmest wishes or regards”. Upon learning about a certain arrangement around a … Continue reading

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Biz trip – Bangkok 1

방콕 – ‘방에 콕 처박혀 있다는’ 그 방콕이 아니라 진짜 방콕으로 6월 초에 출장을 갔었다. 타이 항공을 탄 것은 처음이었는데 착륙 전에 승무원이 바구니에 담긴 난을 나눠줬다. Bangkok – not as a joke (in Korean, we refer Bangkok to  an … Continue reading

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유행어 流行語

웹을 돌아다니며 몇 가지 새로운 유행어(流行語)들을 발견(發見)하는데 어디서 어떻게 쓰인 말들인지 궁금하다. 친구(親舊)들아, 나 한국(韓國) 가면 유행어 강습(講習) 좀 부탁(付託)해. (‘궁금’은 한자(漢字) 제시어(提示語)에 적합(適合)한 낱말이 없어 국어(國語) 사전(辭典)을 찾아봤더니 우리말이네. ‘친구’의 ‘구’자도 헷갈려 하고 ‘부탁’의 ‘부’도 모르고… 유행어보다 한자 공부(工夫) … Continue reading

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Objectives of Languages

Today I had a big lunch at Sevi’s with her flatmates and their friends, and had a lot of fun over good food. It was great to go beyond the stagiaires’ boundary and to be in a multicultural environment – … Continue reading

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Do It Well 제대로 좀 해라

As you can see on my twitter on the right side bar of this blog, I watched ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Weird‘ yesterday, which has ranked #1 in box office here in Korea. The idea of seeing this film … Continue reading

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