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Sing Myself

It all began with one small wish – I wanted to sing properly. I always like music, both singing and listening. But watching some people singing well, following several singing competition shows, and in particular, seeing a friend of mine … Continue reading

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Free Me

As I was listening to Joss Stone’s “Free Me”, a thought came to mind. Seeing someone I once loved is now with someone else makes me feel jealous, but on the other hand, I think I could be even grateful … Continue reading

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會者定離 去者必反

“會者定離 去者必反” : We meet only to part, one who leaves is bound to return. So, our excitement at the beginning will not last forever but we won’t need to remain sad either. All we can do is, since time … Continue reading

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In July, several  things, most of which are unexpected, have happened to me. In August, I expect nothing to happen. Although I know I, anyway, have to face it if anything happens… 7월에는 여러 (대부분은 예상치 못했던) 일들이 나에게 일어났다. … Continue reading

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A Rose is Still a Rose

Sometimes a very simple thing can leave a strong lingering weight. A song that was randomly played in my iPod on my way to the office this morning and that I have since been listening to until now.가끔 아주 사소한 … Continue reading

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I Wish I were in Korea Because

There are so darn fantastic concerts to take place in the capital for the rest of the month! 왜냐하면 남은 12월 동안 서울에서 굉장한 콘서트들이 열리기 때문이다! When I learned last month that there would be 20th anniversary concert of … Continue reading

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What Happened at Nordic Xmas Party

지난 토요일에 노르딕 크리스마스 파티에 갔었더랬다. 노르딕 국가 중 EU 회원국인 덴마크, 핀란드, 스웨덴, 그리고 발틱해의 에스토니아, 라트비아 출신 인턴들이 주축이 되어 주최한 크리스마스 파티였다. 원래는 그다지 가고 싶은 마음이 없었는데 금요일에 친한 친구들이 표 사는 데에 따라갔다가 덩달아 사버렸다. … Continue reading

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The USA and Me

As I twitted, from today onward, Koreans can travel to the USA without visas for up to 90 days. On this historical day, I would like to talk about my link with the USA. Since my first living abroad was in … Continue reading

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Korea Festival at BOZAR

지난 10월 8일부터 브뤼셀의 BOZAR (Palais des Beaux-Arts: Centre for Fine Arts)에서는 ‘Made in Korea’라는 이름의 한국 문화 행사가 열리고 있다. 음악, 무용, 사진, 문학, 영화 등 거의 모든 장르의 예술 작품 및 공연이 선보이는 이 행사는 지금까지 유럽에서 열린 … Continue reading

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Good-bye Seoul, Hello Brussels

어둠에 잠긴 새벽 모두 잠든 도시를 숨차게 홀로 달려가는 사람과 끝없이 밀려오는 무한의 인파 속에 가만히 눈을 감고있는 이의 A person who’s running alone breathlessly in a city where everyone’s asleep at dawn in the dark A person who’s softly … Continue reading

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