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A relationship on which correspondence is owing

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a friend, which began with “I owe you a long email – I know.” I remembered that I had not heard back from this friend over two months since I asked him in my … Continue reading

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Free Me

As I was listening to Joss Stone’s “Free Me”, a thought came to mind. Seeing someone I once loved is now with someone else makes me feel jealous, but on the other hand, I think I could be even grateful … Continue reading

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In July, several  things, most of which are unexpected, have happened to me. In August, I expect nothing to happen. Although I know I, anyway, have to face it if anything happens… 7월에는 여러 (대부분은 예상치 못했던) 일들이 나에게 일어났다. … Continue reading

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This is exactly what my mind is like right now … What can I do But untangle them one by one 지금 내 상태가  딱 이렇다 … 어쩌겠는가 하나 하나 풀어나가는 수밖에

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What Makes Birthday Happy

… is not the day itself that you were born but those around you, both up close and from afar, who celebrate the day and send you warm wishes. I am happy because of you.

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Sunkyoung The Red Wings

Over a week ago when our department had away day session 1 at our boss’s place, we had several team-building exercises. The first one was to look at the person sitting on one’s right and pick up anything that they … Continue reading

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A Chain of Bad Luck

It must be a chain of bad luck. Otherwise, how can I describe and accept this series of less pleasant incidents? It first started in Bali where a friend of mine got all the possible damages from sunbathing and eventually … Continue reading

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About Writing 글쓰기에 관하여

About a week ago, being provoked by an incident of no-planned confiding my recent trouble to a friend, I realised that I have had a sort of communication problem: I have kept many things to myself and not let them … Continue reading

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Birthday 생일 生日

Initially, a very small of my colleagues and I were going for drinks to catch up with each other, especially with one of our previous colleagues, as well as to celebrate my birthday. However, when I sent a group email … Continue reading

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Somewhere In The World

“Hope to see you somewhere in the world…” Vague as it sounds Earnest as it sounds “이 세상 어디에선가 만나게 되길 바래…” 그만큼 막연한 그만큼 간절한

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