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Sing Myself

It all began with one small wish – I wanted to sing properly. I always like music, both singing and listening. But watching some people singing well, following several singing competition shows, and in particular, seeing a friend of mine … Continue reading

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Miserable Feeling After Finishing a Meal: Priceless

At the post I wrote about three years ago, “Expensive Healthy Food vs Cheap Unhealthy Food, my conclusion was trying to cook more at home despite the prices much cheaper for eating out. But last weekend’s experince made me reverse … Continue reading

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엄마 딸, 이렇게 살고 있어요

Peace Boat는 크루즈로 세계일주를 하며 다양한 현안에 대해 토론하고 영어와 스페인어, 일어도 배울 수 있는 프로그램을 운영하는 일본의 비정부단체예요. 제가 일하는 회사에서 세 명의 동료가 Peace Boat에서 일한 적이 있고 그 중 한 명이 현재 100여일 기간 중 절반을 지나 … Continue reading

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I am lonely, therefore I comment… bollocks

As one deals with unreasonable comments in the workplace, they experience a shift in emotions in stages. One’s immediate reaction to such ludicrous remarks is usually anger. But as anger and other accompanying emotions begin to accumulate, one moves to … Continue reading

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A multi-lingual society that is Singapore I like

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Night Lights 2012

Singapore turns beauty when the night comes and lights are on.

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Indulgence I got from Cheers* for a half-day off

But in the end I only consumed Pocari Sweat out of three things eatable: ice cream completely melted after 2-minute walking in the heat and soy milk is saved for tomorrow’s breakfast. * Cheers: local corner shop

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Sunset 노을

You said that a sunset doesn’t last long here Yes, you’re right, it’s like our time together It didn’t last long and felt like a year passed so quickly But our memories will last long We will remember the sunset … Continue reading

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Pink Dot 2011

Pink Dot is an annual public gathering that celebrates freedom of sexuality, especially LGBT community’s. This year I went to the event for the first time and below are some of the photos from the day. ‘핑크 닷 (Pink Dot)’은 … Continue reading

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Sunkyoung The Red Wings

Over a week ago when our department had away day session 1 at our boss’s place, we had several team-building exercises. The first one was to look at the person sitting on one’s right and pick up anything that they … Continue reading

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