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One of the weekend amusements I had in Brussels was reading “Le Monde 2″ and New York Times, both weekend supplements to the French daily newspaper, which my landlord bought everyday. To be frank, with the former, I can’t really … Continue reading

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The Influence of Movies – Random Thoughts of Transformers 2

몇 주 전에 트랜스포머 2를 보면서 몇 가지 생각이 들어 정리해 보고자 한다. I would like to collect my random thoughts of Transformers 2 that I watched a couple of weeks ago. 트랜스포머 1을 보지 않고 2탄을 먼저 보았는데 거리에 … Continue reading

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The USA and Me

As I twitted, from today onward, Koreans can travel to the USA without visas for up to 90 days. On this historical day, I would like to talk about my link with the USA. Since my first living abroad was in … Continue reading

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US Presidential Election 美大選

On Thursday the Stage Committee sent an additional notice to their daily news for the ‘US Election Party’ organised by American Chamber of Commerce in Brussels. They got the 20 tickets but later announced more than 80 stagiaires applied for. … Continue reading

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