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Identity Crisis

Despite managing a project which was initiated for the rapid containment of pandemic influenza, when it came to choosing links to between tips for kissing by Cosmopolitan and real-time updates for H7N9 outbreak in China by a scientist journalist……. I … Continue reading

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Mozzarella and Mango Salad

I made this ‘Mozzarella and Mango (improvised by nectarines at the time of cooking) Salad’ last November, especially for my friend, Jihyun Ju, who were visiting me on a weekend (for the record, she was my first Korean friend who … Continue reading

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연세대 vs. 고려대 Yonsei vs. Korea

며칠 전에 네이버에서 검색을 하다가 웃긴 광고를 하나 보았다. 한게임에서 새로 만든 온라인 게임인 것 같았는데 연세대와 고려대가 대결을 하는 설정이었다.     이 광고를 클릭하면 다음과 같은 페이지로 연결된다. 예전에 누군가가 이런 말을 한 적이 있었다. 바티칸에서 우리 나라를 … Continue reading

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